Protective Wear

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Beekeeping suits work by helping to prevent bees from being able to sting you. That’s because the material in a heavy duty bee suit is too thick to allow a bee’s stinger to pass through to reach your skin.

Your bee suit should be properly zippered closed, with all sleeves and trousers tucked into your gloves and footwear. This ensures there are no gaps for a curious little bee to crawl inside your beekeeper suit. It’s also really important that the mesh in the bee veil doesn’t rest against your skin.

Our beekeeper suits and protective equipment come in a range of prices, depending on which product best suits your needs. Check out the pricing for every option on the page above.

It’s essential to wear protective equipment when keeping bees – from our ventilated mesh bee jacket with hood, to our organic cotton bee suits, you’ll find the perfect protection for your needs and budget.

Our standard bee suits, as well as our toddler’s and children’s bee suits, are made from organic cotton. Our 3-layer ventilated mesh beekeeping suits and ventilated bee jackets are made from a polyester blend with organic cotton.

All our suits come with goatskin beekeeping gloves to protect your hands.

We love all our bee suit options, but our 3-layer ventilated mesh suit is our premium bee suit and is the one we use the most here at the Flow office. The 3 intersecting layers of fabric create a patchwork that protects from stings while still allowing air to pass through the bee suit – a great option for working in hot weather.

If you’re looking for a vented bee jacket rather than a full suit (perhaps you’re coming and going a lot in your apiary), then our lightweight bee jacket in ventilated mesh is a winner.

If you live in a cooler climate, our organic cotton bee suits are perfect for durability and comfort.

You can get a beekeeping suit in whatever size you need. Our toddler bee suit is suitable for the smallest (and cutest) beekeepers. Our child’s beekeeping suit comes in a range of sizes for children and teens, and we have 10 sizing options for our men’s and women’s bee suits.

Your beekeeping suit should be large enough to work comfortably in and allow a non-restrictive range of motion. If you’re not sure what bee suit size to select, check out our handy bee suit size guide on each product page to help you choose.

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