Beekeeping Supplies Canada

Beekeeping requires a beehive with brood box, brood frames, honey super, inner cover, roof and baseboard. A bee suit with veil and beekeeping gloves, a smoker and a hive tool are also essential for keeping bees. Other beekeeping equipment includes a hive stand, bee brush, queen clip and entrance reducer.
With traditional beekeeping, honey extraction equipment is also necessary, but this is not required with a Flow Hive.

A hive tool or J-tool and a smoker are the two most important beekeeping tools. The hive tool is used to open the beehive, lift frames from the hive, scrape wax, and multiple other uses. The beekeeping smoker is used to calm the bees when working at the hive.

Beekeepers should always wear protective gear such as a bee suit or veil when opening a beehive. They should have a beekeeping smoker and hive tool on hand. A beekeeping log book or a phone with a beekeeping app is also useful for every apiary visit.

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