Holiday Season Shipping

December is often a mad rush for online shoppers wanting to make sure their gifts arrive in time and this year with COVID shipping delays, it's best to get in early to avoid disappointment. 

Below are the local carriers Lodgement Dates for delivery within Canada by December 25, 2020, which we hope will assist you with determining ‘last order’ dates.

However, we do recommend allowing 24-48 hours processing time for all orders before your intended dispatch date – and this year more than ever, the sooner you get your orders in the better :)


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Canada Holiday Season Shipping Cut-off

Below are the Canada Post Parcel (standard service) Lodgement Dates for delivery by December 25, 2020:


Friday December 18, 2020



Wednesday December 16, 2020

Ontario (Metro areas)


Tuesday December 15, 2020

Alberta (Metro areas)
British Columbia (Metro areas)
Manitoba (Metro areas)
New Brunswick (Metro areas)
Newfoundland and Labrador (Metro areas)
Northwest Territories (Metro areas)
Nova Scotia (Metro areas)
Nunavut (Metro areas)
Ontario (Outside of metro areas)
Prince Edward Island (Metro areas)
Quebec (Metro areas)
Saskatchewan (Metro areas)
Yukon (Metro areas)


Monday December 14, 2020

Alberta (Outside of metro areas)
British Columbia (Outside of metro areas)
Manitoba (Outside of metro areas)


Wednesday December 09, 2020

Outer regional areas and islands


Please be aware that none of our carriers are able to guarantee shipping dates while the pandemic continues to have an impact. Shipping times are based on the best information we have available and are not guaranteed.