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Brood Box – Flow Hive 2+ Cedar

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We have a limited number of these Flow Hive 2 brood boxes available.

Manufactured in the same style as those included with our Flow Hive 2, these premium Western Red Cedar 8 or 10 frame Langstroth deep brood boxes can be used for brood, or as an additional conventional honey super.

Made in Australia from durable, sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar, these brood boxes are the ideal addition to our Western Red Cedar Flow Hive 2 kit.

What size do I need?

Confused about what size to get? Don't worry we get it! Our Flow Frames are slightly wider than traditional wooden brood frames, so for an 8 frame Langstroth hive, 6 Flow Frames are used to completely fill the super.

The 8 frame brood box is compatible with Flow Hive 2 – 6 frame or 8 frame Langstroth beehives, and the 10 frame brood box is compatible with Flow Hive 2 – 7 frame or 10 frame Langstroth beehives.

Comes with brood frames.

• Does not include bees.

• Ships flat packed ready for easy assembly.

• Does not include assembly instructions. Please find our Flow Hive 2 assembly instructions (includes brood box assembly) at our support portal. 

NOTE: It is possible to stack this product with either our Western Red Cedar or Araucaria products. Learn how to add brood boxes or supers of different wood-types
at our support portal. Langstroth sizing can vary up to a few mm so depending on the timber width of your existing hive, these brood boxes may not sit completely flush, however, this won’t impair functionality.

The Flow Hive 2 brood box is part of our first batch of in-house manufacturing, using precision laser cutting.

This allows us to focus on quality control and ensure the highest levels of sustainability throughout the process, and also gives us the ability to innovate more quickly.