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Ant Guards

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Flow Ant Guards are an invaluable addition to a Flow Hive setup.

Flow Hive 2

Already have a Flow Hive 2 with our original adjustable hive stand but would love the benefits of adding our new Flow Hive 2+ ant guards to help combat these common garden pests?

Then our Flow Hive 2 retrofit ant guards are for you.

An elegant solution to keeping these tiny pests out of your hive, these adjustable ant guards are made in Australia from 100% recycled polypropylene. They are sustainably produced, providing a space for creating a liquid ant barrier on the legs of your hive stand.

Flow Hive 2+

These are replacement parts for the ones that shipped with your Flow Hive 2+ hive or Flow Hive 2+ leg kit

Note: these are not interchangeable between hives.