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Flow Hive 2+ Scratch & Dent

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For the first time, we're offering a limited release of Scratch & Dent Cedar Flow Hive 2+  for those who are a bit handy and looking for an excellent deal.

Our in-house manufacturing team has very high QC standards, which means that when packing our premium hives, some usable pieces get put aside. 

Sustainability is a core value for all of us at Flow. We offer these Flow Hive 2+ to those who also believe that it's better to make good use of our natural resources and are prepared to tinker a little. If tinkering isn't for you then please see our premium Flow Hive 2+ here.

Add an adjustable Hive Stand with Ant Guards 

These bestselling optional features allow you to control the level of your beehive even on uneven surfaces. Also includes our Flow Ant Guards™ to help keep those tiny pests out of your hive.

So what can you expect to find in our Scratch & Dent hives?

All timber included will be in useable condition, however, as the name suggests, you may find some scratches and dents in the timber and perhaps some minor imperfections with small timber knots. You may also need to sand or make minor adjustments with a chisel to assemble your hive. Please check the Materials Tab for some photos of the types of imperfections you might find. Many of the imperfections are on the inside of panels so once your hive is built, it should look just as good as our premium hives. And trust us – the bees won't notice!

Includes Premium Grade Flow Frames & Hardware

The timber ware may be scratch & dent, however, this hive contains 6 premium generation 2 Flow Frames, featuring our revolutionary honey harvesting technology. You'll also find A-grade features such as an Entrance Reducer and Multifunctional Tray. 

Invented by father and son team Stu and Cedar Anderson, our patented Flow Frame technology is the most significant advancement in beekeeping since 1852. It is now possible to simply turn the Flow Key and watch as pure, untouched, unprocessed fresh honey flows right out of the beehive and into your jar.

Tinker and save up $130!

*No further discounts can be applied to this sale item