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Flow Spare Parts and Extras Queen Excluder – FH2
Queen Excluder – FH2

Queen Excluder – FH2

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Spare queen excluders are a handy item to have in any apiary kit. If your existing queen excluder is needing a replacement or you are in need of a spare, we have you covered!

Our new black UV protected queen excluders are the same as the ones include with our Flow HIve 2s.

Compatible with Flow Hive 2s and Classic and all Flow Super classics and hybrids and Langstroth hives – our queen excluders are made from premium quality food-grade plastic for easy removal.

Queen Excluder Compatibility:

  • Queen Excluder – 6 Frame: Flow Hive 2 and Classic 6 frames, Flow Super 6 frames, Super Hybrid 3 frames and 8 Langstroth hives.
  • Queen Excluder – 7 Frame: Flow Hive 2 and Classic 7 frames, Flow Super 7 frames, Super Hybrid 4 frames and 10 Langstroth hives.

Need help?

We know it can be confusing knowing which size to select, so please contact our team if you need any assistance in choosing the correct part for your existing hive.